False case of 354(d) against me.

Hello sir/madam, iam 25 yr old from hyderabad and iam a m.tech final year student.i was in a mutual love with a girl over the last 7 years everyone knew this.we actually plans to marry.but 6 months ago unfortunately she was completely brain washed by her family and filed a police case against 354(d) me.she used my money and all,i have the proofs like call lists, telephone conversations,bank statements,letters literally i was cheated by her. she used my email account,she knew my id and password,she frequently uses my mail and she sent stalking mails to her account by using my account.it was a well planned and executed by her brother and police . i have mail activity list and ip address.the police and her brother were creates the false evidence and they arrested me and i have beaten by them for 2 days and they give bail to me.i have sumbited all the proofs that i had but the police men doesn't cares me.recently i got summons from the court. my question is, can i file a case agianst them in the court?can you please help me?