Bank denies Disbursal

We have applied for non residential loan in February 2016 bank took 60 days to sanction the loan after due diligence of both credential documents and property tilte documents and cleared the sanction for 70 lacs and issued us in principal sanction letter bank official came to deliver the document and he also took our signatures on loan agreement between us and bank took processing fees and franking amount and instructed us to register the sale immediately so as he can disburse the loan registration got delayed as the sellers were nri we had to arrange for POA attested by consulate of India in US which took good amount of time as soon as the POA arrived we confirmed with back since it was almost 90 days any formal procedure by bank initially they denied any process but 2 days later they informed bank requires technical and valuation to be done again as that report has validity of 60 days the same was done they had earlier asked for title flow certificate from society which they wanted to verify even that was done after 6-7 day of this they again intimated us to register the document we took again 15 days to register during this period the bank guys were following up regularly to register so as to disburse the amount finally we again asked them they said please complete registration we completed registration we submitted original documents since we mentioned the sellers are NRI there is liability of 20 % TDS to be deducted and to be deposited by buyer we again informed bank about this they asked us to do the needful and send the challenge immediately and promised the Disbursal in 2 working days . After 2 days they went on dragging the Disbursal for 4 days and on and on for 15 days finally loosing out patience we asked to speak some senior we spoke to senior he asked for 2 days to look into the matter after 2 days he would randomly pick up the calls and answer asking more time finally after rigorous follow up he mentioned there is mistakes committed by his team wherein he asked for another 2 days and after 2 days he didn't called up we called up and he mentioned the Disbursal is not possible due to legal issues . We asked him about the same was done earlier and at every escalation of transaction they were in loop why didn't they mention we would have left the deal but now it's too late since we have paid stamp duty marginal money to seller tds amount and there is clause in agreement if we don't pay seller they can forfeit our amount but now bank has no reply P.S THIS IS A RESALE PROPERTY 50 YEARS OLD CO OP SOCIETY SOME ORIGINAL AGREEMENTS ARE MISSING WHICH WAS INFORMED PRIOR TO SANCTION FOR WHICH THEY HAD DEMANDED TITLE FLOW CERTIFICATE FROM SOCIETY AND THEY CELARED THIS ISSUE ON BASIS OF THIS We have mailed almost at all possible grievances of the bank and no reply has been received The sellers had insisted to Bank to give some confirmation in writing that post all formalities the amount would go to them as they have to deposit their original documents without receiving full consideration amount Bank officials said they don't have such practice since the legal and technical has been done of their property so it cannot be diverted to bother property We are in jinx now since we have already paid our amounts to sellers and govt bodies but not received bank sanction amount Still we received 2 calls from the bank demanding some collateral property since we don't have we denied What action shall be taken against bank Does bank have any turn around time to reply in writing about denial of Disbursal as we have not collected original documents out of protest Can bank deny at this stage wherein period of deal is almost 7 months from the date of sanction they never mentioned about legal issues during the course . Please help