About 120b

Hi, my self Rohit and i am from rajasthan.i want to get advise about a case running against me and my father.my father took stay for his shop in 2002 from high court rajasthan in case of dispute with their two brother.my father n his two brother were onwer of that shop.The matter is this that my father did an agreement to sale a shop in 2013 and he mentioned in the agreement that there is stay on that shop but with this statment the purchaser was agree to purchase that shop in one condition that he will make agree other two owner of that shop by itself and he paid the advanc money to my father n then he said that i will give you total money one week before registry date n than you will have to apply for remove stay on that shop but he could not pay till registry date n my father went to ragistrar office n gave his attendens there.after that the purchaser filed a 420 case in police station against my father n me too than we got anticipatory bail from high court. i did sign as a witness in that agreement and sanction court applied 120b act on me n remove 420 now the matter is i am to go foreign fore atleast 1 or 2 years n i am to get character certificate from local pass port office so plz advise me how can i obtain that.the case is runing in sanction court n i just submitt a writ in high court for charge debate.