Sec 9 hma ,1955

I am an assistant professor working in a reputed University of Delhi/NCR married to a man working as Team lead in a pvt company @Panchkula .We got married in January,2016 .I couldn't stay with him continuously due to my job.This fact was very much known to him before marriage and he promised me at that time to get me an equally respectable job in Panchkula & himself allowed me to continue with the current job unless I get the new one in Panchkula.However, I visited my matrimonial home whenever I got leaves from my University.In the meantime,we already had 2 fights on minor issues on phone in which my husband warned me not to step his house at Panchkula.The 3 rd time in July, when he again fought on phone ,he instructed all his family & relatives to block my number as well as of each of my family members .The important fact is that he used to visit Delhi for his job purposes several times,but never made efforts to meet me atleast for a few minutes there.It's been 3 months now,neither he nor any of his family members are picking our phone. In the meantime,in August , he filed RCR petition against me without any intimation with the strategy that on so much of humiliation I will either demand dismissal of RCR or will refuse to stay with him on granting his RCR petition by the court ,which will help him in getting the divorce very easily & without maintenance.Thus,his main aim is to get divorce from me and get my job lost. I didn't go on Ist date of hearing in September.Now , should I go on next date of hearing to clarify my side to the court ?Or should I go to his place even before next date of hearing ? Whether going at his place before date of hearing ( in November) be of any help for me? What if he will abscond after finding me there ? Or if my in-laws doesn't allow me to enter or mistreat me even after giving entry silently? How will this affect me in future?After undergoing so much of mental trauma,I am unable to understand,what should be the right step for me at this point of time? I don't want divorce due to social stigma but at the same time can't take the risk of loosing my job for such a person .