Wife not coming to my home, her mother has more control on her

It has been 1.8 Yrs of my marriage. She just went to her home 3rd time due to a fight with my parents. She wantedly provokes my parents for a fight, she and her mother's main intention is to separate me from my parents. I am a lone male child so i do not want to leave my parents as they have nobody else even though they have financial security. My wife is still under the influence of her mother who controls all her actions. During 1.8 Yrs of our marriage she has preferred to stay back at her parents place for almost 12months due to constant fights with my parents. I do not want to break my marriage. I am equally worried about evil intentions of her mother and her younger sister Who constantly asks my wife to record the fights my wife has with my parents. What are my options if 1) I want to still continue the marriage and how can i make sure she comes back to me in a legal way 2) If I want to be safe against any wrong cases they might file against my parents or me? What should i do proactively?