As emotional the guy used me and sucked my body As I am widow And he had a relationship with me for 2 years And I had met him on social network As first time I had blocked him as he was chatting with me on sex Again after 3 month he again came and started chatting at that time I was already forgotten him totally He was good with me for a weeks and chatted with me decently and slowly he started showing love to me and fell love with him And he was very much found of sex I dint knew at start He used to tell fantisey while doing sex I was not much taking serious And he was having multiple ladies in contact And have sex chats and even having sex I was not knowing this After somedays his wife came to know all this and started asking questions to him and at the same point she too abused me and called me but I don't answer to her or told snything to her wife regarding between our relationship Now without any reason he stopped all he blocked me and stopped chatting also With no reasons Now I hurted and came to understand this guy is only ment for sex And whoever he used to call me he used to talk sex Still I was not bothered about his behaviour Later I came to know all that This guy has used so many females who are widow and divorceed ladies only I feel to kill him and I don't want to live him happy as such he has ruined many and played for his satisfaction for sex What can I do now Plz help me out as I am hurted a lot and feel like to suicide myself Plz help me out