Suspected fake call from recovery agent of HDFC

I got a call from HDFC Loan (as per True caller) Delhi. A woman on the other end called me by my name and asked me if i knew a person by xyz name. I said I didn't, then she changed the surname and kept asking if i knew that person. I didn't know any person by that name. When I asked the purpose of the call she told me that the xyz person has defaulted on some loan and i have been tracked down as a relative/friend. I said its a wrong number and her team should verify the reference number's before giving loans etc... & said what is my fault if she has a wrong number .. then she said that she knows that I know that xyz number (which sounded very stupid) and I cut the call suspecting it to be a fake call. I kept getting call from that number continuously. till i blocked the number. I wanted to check if this is a probable case of fake/fraud calls? If yes, what actions should one take. If not, then what should one do? I spoke to HDFC customer support team and they advised me to ask for more details when they call next time (like loan acc no and loan history) basis which they can take further action. Whats strange is that i got a call on my Official number which i do not share for any personal work Thanks