Marital dispute due to in laws

I am married .we have daughter aged 3. My FIL is retired person from a PSU who wants to control everything from A to Z He forced us to earn money and give all to him so that he can spend it according to his wish. Our wish stands nowhere. Second We live in joint family system. My brother in law and his wife also share the same house. House is in the name of my MIL and FIL is co owner. FIL doesn't want to contribute when it comes to ration n electricity n other dues. My husband and BIL share the load. We have disputes over minor issues too. Like cooking cleaning etc. I was working with a reputed company but left job after my baby. My MIL too is very bossy possessive n controlling. Often she comments about dowry n my looks. It's been complete one year since I have been staying with my parents. I don't want to stay with them as daily quarrels affecting my mental health. My baby is too little to see all this. I ask my husband to buy a property on his name as we are adults and should have a property of our own. He denied. What can I do. I don't want to live like a second class person only to serve but not to ask for a good life and security.