HUF property partition

My father and my uncles were 4 brothers(Suppose A B C and D according to their age) living in a joint family until 1990 when they split up. A is the eldest brother, B is the 2nd eldest (Died a few years back), C is my father (Died 10 years back), D is the youngest of them all. A house was bought in 1983 when the family was together. My father paid his fair share in the purchase of the property but no one maintained any account of that as the family was together. The papers have only the name of two brothers (A and D). After separation every family had separate rooms and space for cooking and common hall and bathrooms. We have separate rooms and separate electric meter in our name and have been paying our share of the tax/maintenance expenses for that house. My father died 10 years ago. We were still living in the same house, until recently we moved out to a newly purchased house by my mother. Now health condition of A is degrading day by day because of his age. D on the other hand is trying to evict us by saying we don't have our names in the Property papers. A is supporting us but as I have already stated, his health conditions are getting worse day by day. What should we do? We tried reconciliation but D is adamant. Can D evict us? There will be no one supporting us after A dies. What should be our way forward?