Birth certificate

Hello, I am not sure if i have chosen the correct drop down (please correct me if i haven't). I have a question regarding birth certificate. I was born in Andhra Pradesh and my hometown state is in MP. During my graduation, i was required to submit a domicile certificate (i was in Pune at that time) which i did not have. Since it was a mandatory document (and i did not have a domicile certificate at that time), i had to procure another birth certificate (and the domicile certificate) from my hometown (through a relative) in which it was stated that my birth place was MP. Now, i fear that i inadvertently have done a mistake (this was 10 years ago). After that incident, i may have mentioned my birth place as MP (which would be incorrect) in any of the legal documents (for example: electoral voter form). Will i be jailed due to it? Kindly guide me how can i correct this as well as if i can correct my birth place to Andhra Pradesh in the documents where i may have mentioned the birth place as MP. Please do guide me. Please maintain confidentiality. Thank you.