Regarding Maintenance and Alimony

Its been almost 2 years since my marriage that i have lived with my wife for less than 2 months. I sent her a notice through one of my advocate for restoration of conjugal rights or divorce by mutual consent but she replied through her advocate with series for false and baseless allegations and threatened to initiate civil and criminal case against me. She has also mentioned in her notice that she is a qualified MBA graduate and was working prior to marriage with a reputed company and was earning a fatty sum and on my request she resigned her job and accepted household responsibility. Now, I have sent her a reply notice proving all of her allegations false and baseless, to which i have evidences. I want to inform you that we have no children and she is working in a private coy since 11 Feb 2016 which she has feeded in her facebook profile under ''Work and Education'' column. In view of the above i want legal opinion from you dignified Advocates to guide me whether i should file Divorce or RCR in the Court. And whether i should pay maintenance and/or alimony despite she has claimed in her notice that she is a well qualified graduate and was earning a fatty sum before marriage and now she is working in a pvt coy.