My self Nikita 25yrs old I had a love relationship with a boy named vaibhav 25yrs old from 1 & half year. He kept telling me he will marry me and took me various places to have sex. One month back we had fight over the phone because he didn't inform me that he is going out with friends and I was waiting for him at my office I asked him why you didn't informed me so he said I forgot. I called his sister and told her that don't give him car because he is stucked in the heavy rain she said he took car for his work and he went to mulund I went surprised and I told her he went to nariman point for shopping. His sister and he had arguments because he lied. Later on he started stating he don't want to marry me. On 29th august 2016 I went near to his work place and told him to meet me once because he was not talking to me over the phone from 2 weeks he came and said m tired you go home I replied no till the time you are not saying that you want to marry me I will not go. He again replied I will not marry you do whatever you want to do. I walked away but he was following me I asked him why are you following me when you don't want me he said sit on my bike and he took me to lodge I asked him I don't want to come up as you only told me that everything is finished. He said its 1 am then where you want to go I said I told my parents till the time vaibhav will not say yes to me I will not come home but if you are saying you don't want me fine it's too late to go home leave me alone I will manage. He assured he will not touch me but stay with him for few hours in the morning he will drop me at my place. I agreed I slept too but suddenly he came on me and started kissing me again I stopped him and said why are you doing this when we are seperated he said I love you that's why and he forcefully had intercourse. And after intercourse he passed comment that was a last time now forget me and he went out from the lodge. I went blank I cried a lot after 10 mins I went down I searched for him then I took one panwala's mobile and called him , he said I am near to my office place I said I want to meet you I told my dad yesterday I was with you and how you dare you left me alone and why you did that with me he said I will drop you near your home . Then when I met him he said I will not meet your dad I will drop you I said no why are you spoiling my life please come home we all will sit and discuss don't leave me like this.he was not ready to come then I filed case of 376,420,509. He asked for anticipatory bail in session court and he was talking about my past relationships which he was aware from 1 year that means he was stating that I am characterless.but session court rejected his bail. I did my medical along with Panchanama of the lodge.he has applied now in high court. He is spoiling my name I am very much depressed my family is also asking me to stop this case because that boy is claiming those things where I was not wrong in my past relationships. And he was aware.my family want me to get marry in next year with good settle boy they don't want me to continue this case as this can affect my marriage life Kindly advise