Voilence and torture by Father in law

Hello sir, I am into a serious trouble my father in law is harassing me from the day I got married. It's my husband's second marriage with me and mine it's first. During our marriage it was told to my family that my husband took divorce because his first wife had an affair with someone. but after marriage I got to know that the prob with her was the same as it's with me. The problem with me is my mother in law is suffering from Parkinson she can't walk or do anything by herself. And my father in law has a little walking trouble after he met with a small accident. However he can walk using a stick. While he is taking a huge advantage of this loss.he drinks everyday at home all day and night.he lost all his money and property in match fixing activities. My parents are in Bangalore m all alone in Delhi. It's in 2013 I got married since then I was tolerating him because of mother I and my husband are working. He uses abusive words after he drink and beat my mother in law for silly reason. I couldn't see this and stopped him from drinking he tried to touch me and misbehaved.i called up police to show his cruelty but they said he is completely drunk now and old man so they didn't filed any FIR. He then sits out of the door and states doing road show asking money and food for helpless wife and himself as he is also handicapped. This scene is repeated by him third time now.i had to leave 3 flats because of him within 3 years of my marriage. Recently I bought one small builder flat with my parents help and on loan. Now the same drama was repeated by him at this place.i could not tolerate this any more it has already ruined my mental health.please help me how could I get rid of him. He keeps on begging money with people and torture us with the same money. Also keeps us warning to kill me and my husband with the help of his mouth told sons.please help what could be done.