Daughter's custody to mother

Ir, my husband is not living with me, its been more than 10 year since we married. he left me first when my first daughter was born in 2007 after that he did not live with me for around 3and half years then he again came back and aplogized and we again started living together, my second daughter was born in 2012 and after she was 5 month old he sent her to his parents saying that me being a working women (i am working in a bank) will not be able to take care of her and her parents after summing up their chores at their home will come back to live with us within a month. but later his parents denied and when i insisted to bring back my daughter the and him both denied. in between his relationship with me was extremely abusive and violent. he left job in 2014 when he went to his native place and sit back at home doing nothing i insisted and asked his to do job but again he left job in the same manner in 2015 summers and later dec2015, since then he did nothing and did not try to find a job for himself. he expects me to spend all my savings in him only. in march 2016 when we went at his house on diwali, he and his parents insisted on topic that we should hav a son and when i said i hav two children and do not want any further, he abused me and threatened to beat me in front of his parents in open daylight. later in april he beat me and y face was damaged, ed him to leave the house, he started living at his parents's house and used to come after 7-10 days but because of his constant abusive behaviour, violence and unwillingness to bear my and my elder daughter's responsibility i asked to live separately. now i am not living with him from past 2 months but my second daughter is still with his parents and i want to bring her back to. kindly tell me what should do. i really want her back, do not want ivorce but if i have to move forward for that to bring my daughter back, i will. please help