Wife filed case against me as DVC

Hi All, We got married during 2011 and we have kid daughter 2 years now. I even dont know the exact problem what happened exactly. From July she left me alone with kid and staying with her Uncle family. I tried to speak to her in person by going to uncle house and office, but she didnt turned up.i dont really what is happening. If we meet once atleast we can sit and discuss the pros and cons, but she is avoiding that.It has been 3 months since i seen my kid and my wife. She is very good and smart and very motivational to me. Now, yesterday i received a courier from court and it was given as DVC***. I dont have any help or guidance. How to proceed now?? Please someone help me.. I don't know why she is avoiding me to see, sit and talk. As a normal human being i thought, without going legal it will get solved, but completely unexpected that she would go to court. I don`t want to miss my wife and baby. What would happened if i couldn't make it to court on the specific day they mentioned?? Is there any other way to resolve this?? Sir`s, Please don`t mistake me, i am just asking for the options.