Falsely implicated

Sir, at MP two criminal were murdered at 8.45 pm to 9.pm on date of 1st November 2015 but time of incident my husband was 270 km away from incident & fortunately at time of incident he was taking masala doss at restaurant along with me but injured person told to police that My husband fired with pistol and two person killed as per FIR. But we have many evidence like money withdrawal from ATM at 2. Pm, 11 pm and shoping footages at 1.30 pm and phone calls to SP at 10 pm after incident we handed all proof to DGP, IG , Sp and CSP but all did not took our evidence seriously so we approaced High Court to verify our evidence but After seven month police gave status report that at time of incident that person was not present but injured person told his name at FIR & Police also mentioned that accused person could hatch conspiracy along with his Co-accused & add 120 B in status report and mentioned that after interrogation we will be in position to take decision .in this case all accused got bail due to hostile of all evidences & police also lodged cross FIR and made accused to injured person also and mentioned gang war of this incident. For quashed off FIR we have appealed to High Cort under Crpc 482 but dismissed. We are ready to get poly graphic test and any DDT tests from truth lab at Hyderabad that neither we hatched conspiracy nor kill anyone but both murdered person murdered my husband Brother Six years ago so my husband opposed dead person bail at High Court. My husband has no any criminal records he has been doing pharma job. So can we approach Apex Court to quash FIR or surrender or also get authenticate our CCTV footage which has been copied in PEN Drives from truth Lab at Hyderabad . because police is not supporting us.