Domestic violence, dowry and mental harrasment

My in-laws have been troubling me since our marraige and even before. i had a love cum arrange marraige in november 2016. my mother in law is step mother of my husband and we have 2 step sister as well. my father in law ia always in influence of my mother in law. from the very first day of our marraige nobody talk to me very well and were very arrogant. after 3 days of my marraige me and my husband went for dinner and came late around 11pm after which my father in law started abusing and asked us to leave the house. meanwhile my mother in law came and started abusing and spitting at our doors. My mother in law kept abusing my parents also and told me that whatever i have got in marraige is not enough. my mother in law's mother also stayed with us. the same day they had beaten my husband badly. he broke his chain and ring while fighting. somehow the matter resolved and we went to vaishno devi.when we returned back from vasihno devi the evry next day my mother in law was abusing and threatened us to beat us again then we had called 100 number and police came. meanwhile all our relatives came and somehow the matter resolved. still they had no intention to cooperate so they did not talk to me and wanted me to give them my full salary as i am working. they have not returned my jewellery. my father in law is a government servent so they left house and shifted to there government quarters after 28 days of marraige. They forced us to leave the house but we denied and then they left. till today they want us to leave the house. they had locked 2 rooms which we opened later because there was too much smell coming out of the rooms after which they complaint against us that we have broken the locks and stolen there belongings in the room. before marraige they forced my father to give car, expensive jewelery and many other things. they ask relatives not to speak to us. we went to there house on holi thinking that things could be resolved but again they picked up a fight and my sister in laws tried to beat him. my husband is a very decent man who has supported me through out. in return he has never raised hand against anybody. my mother in law and father in law tried beating me twice. they had also put some black magic things in there room which were locked but we saw it when we had opened it. they had insulted us and spread rumors all over the relatives. please suggest what shall i do as now we are not staying together but still somehow they keep troubling us.