Plz help

My mother in law is insecure about her place so she keep on finding faults in me and raising kios over petty issues. She keeps criticising about my back and fills my husband's ears against me. I got married on 29 Jan 2015 and there used to errupt any issue in every weekend, so you can have the idea of frequency of her issues. But I kept overlooking the things, compromised and managed. Our health suffered in all through esp. mine and they blame me for everything.However the worst happened when last Jan they send me to my parental home over some domestic issue. Though I didn't want to go neither I had any ticket but they send me knowing my anniversary is approaching but just to punish me they prefer to send me. Earlier also she send me over some domestic issue.They also asked my husband to sleep in different room. Its more than 8 months and m still here. Although after 4 months, they called me but my mother didn't send me just in order to teach them a lesson so that they could understand my worth. However somehow, after two months , again they raised the matter of taking me back. At this, some heated arguements ceased the matter there. We just call them to discuss the matter and find out the solution but they r rigid to come. Although every time my people went there on their call. So now it's not only a matter of ego but prestige issue. I don't want to lose this relationship nor I can made my people bend as it is a question of my self respect and dignity. My father in law has also asked me not to talk to my husband as we argue. I don't want to go legal as it will just create hatred but I wanna my love, my home, my marraige back with dignity. Plz suggest.