What step can be taken by CAW (In my case)?

Sir, This is the case of my younger brother who is not in good mental condition (Due to some medians given by her wife continuously for 4 month). She file a false case in CAW against us and the whole family are lawyers. Dates mentioned by the girl are also false. We have some dates evidence. By Cheating her father & brother take 7 lakh rupees from us for one of my property case. She file a complaint in women cell against all of us but we already make a FIR (Cheating, Leave the home and take cloths, Demanding 50 lakh rupee, Threat of killing and both sides jewelry) against her family before she file a complaint in CAW. We got the copy of complaint after one month but its don't have the FIR, Attached document & any kind of Medical report. We don't get the call letter by hand they trough in our house. When we got the call letter they accepted our complaints which we already made before my brother wife complaint in CAW. Next day we send the copy of the FIR & complaints by Speed Post. After reading the complaint every body says that its false & has no scenes (CAW inspector says that she file a false case she wants money) . we are counselling in the CAW from 1 1/2 month. In 1 1/2 month we got 5 dates and we miss 1 date due to viral fever but we submit the medical to CAW on the same day on time.On the 1 or 2 date the behavior of the CAW inspector the good but on 3 date she start taking favor of the girl. We gave many evidence like 1. She is not 26 (Real age above 36 years), 2. On medical report of the girl the father name of a baby is not my brother's (Her ex boyfriend). The dates mentioned by her are false. My father mother are senior citizens. On the 3 date girl, girl father and Inspector shouted on my father due to it he falls ill. CAW Inspector says gave them the amount of Rs 35 laks and leave happy. on 4th date CAW inspector gave a stridhan list to my brother and take a sign on receiving the stridhan list. That day my mosaji also go with my brother. First CAW inspector shouted on mosaji and sent him out than takes the signature's of my brother. Stridhan list and complaint signature of the girl is miss matched. On the 5th date my father and the brother go to CAW. My father asked the inspector please provide me the list of this Stridhan with the complete address of the girl and Tax Paid bill. By hiring this is got highly temped and sent out my father and the brother from the office. I wants to ask what action can she take against us because we don't have next date?