My Ex has done fraud

I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for last 5 years almost and we were friends for last 9 years. In Last 5 years starting from 2012 she was in delhi and we were together in my room at least 5 days out of 7 of every week. My room mates are oral evidence and some photograph and videos are documentary, in 2013 i moved to vadodara for my job she used to come there and my mates and landlord were knowing that she is my fiance, she came over there 5 to 6 times and i booked tikets every time i have all proof and we had some vacation in Mumbai, Diu, MountAbu, Jaipur, agra etc.We were very close in our physical relationship also but at that time honestly speaking i was not prepare for marriage. In those 2 years where ever she had any exam i take her to exam center across diffrent city at my expanse, we stayed in hotels also and there lots more things where i spent money on her behalf from 2012 to aug 2106 i had booked at more than 100 railway tickets for her from my own money where 15 or 20 times i also travelled with her, i think that will cost more than 1 lakh for tickets only. In 2014 she got Job In a Bank as a PO and i booked tickets with me for her joining location and i booked hotels also where we spent 6 days and i do every thing so that she can get settled in new city. After that i used to visit there every month almost and every time she use to be with me hotel whenever i visited kolkata her working location. But that time also i spent all money and i have all proof of those things it can be proved that every time she came to hotel with me at her own choice if court will ask for CCTV footage. In between she came to my home also to meet my parents and she make me prepare for marriage and lastly she stayed with me in hotel on 2nd sep to 4th sep2016 and also told me that we can get married against family on phone call on 6th sep and i have those recordings also and these days when i decided to get married her parents chooses a guy and started convincing her with all benefits of getting married with that guy and she changed her mind totally. I spent approx 10 Lakh and my precious time also. At the end i asked her if you really want to that is fine but this should be done mutually and i request her many times. But what her sister told her don't receive my calls and change your number and all. And i can realized that she is not one i was suppose to do all those i did. Even she have to make any recharge or pay Phone bill,and after her job also if she have to fill any form i use to do with my own money i used to do that, If she need a cab i use to book that for her. I have lots of documents to prove things and i was willing to marry her and today also i do, In last 4 years i can say we had spent more than 500 nights together and it shows we were in Living, I left my job and started my business to get settle in her hometown i can say i did every thing i was suppose to do and at the end also i tried to make things easy but she didn't think about me once also. I want to go for legal action Please suggest me what kind of legal action i can take and for legal procedure i can say that i was willing to marry her and today also i do.