Hindu Undivided Property of 2brothers -More than 2/3 sold by one

Dear Sirs, Property x inherited by brothers A & B.--B Gives power of Attorney to A with sole rights for 3 yrs and revoked the POA in 1984,revocation was duly registered and acknowledged by revenue department. In 1984 B signed a Stamp Paper (rs.100) duly witnessed,relinquishing his rights.This Stamp Paper is not registered till date and neither been produced by B. In the Mean time B kept on selling the undivided property to the extent of more than 2/3 of the property. B expired in 2015. Can a complaint of forgery be lodged against the inheritor of B's Property for selling the land by by producing the misleading facts. A case in filed in Civil and Revenue courts for Division of Property. My father,termed here as party B is 79yrs old,can he request for : 1.Fast Track Court/High Court. 2.Stay in the family house for the rest of his life. 3.Is there a provision for NRIs to seek justice on fast track Basis. 4.Notice be served to all those who have purchased land from A without taking permission of B The case referred falls in the jurisdiction of Khurai Tehsil of District Sagar--Madhya Pradesh. Advice of all experts in this forum will be of immense help. Regards, Chandan Satsangi