Permission to get guest during the day and eviction of house

Hello I have a query regarding the tenancy laws. I am a student and I live with a friend in Mumbai. I am a bachelor and I have rented a flat in Andheri (W), Mumbai. The society I live in says that I cannot bring any girl over to my house. Not even in the day time for a few hours. Nothing like this has been mentioned in my contract but they say this is a society rule. Recently I brought a couple of friends over, some of them were girls. we were quietly studying without disturbing any neighbours. This triggered the society and caused an argument between us, following which I was asked to vacate the house before my contract locking period is over. I want to know if its legal to prohibit the tenant to bring a guest home without disturbing the neighbours, even if its a girl? If no, is it legal to ask me to vacate the house on this basis? If no/yes, which are the laws that mention if this is legal or illegal? Please try to respond ASAP since this issue has escalted a lot and I'm being ask to vacate the house ASAP. Thank You!