Divorce from a Norwegian citizen

I hold Indian citizenship whereas my husband is a Norwegian citizen. Our marriage was solemnised in India but it is registered in Norway as well. I have been living in Norway for 3 years now I also have a job so I am staying here on job visa. We decided to separate from each other by mutual consent and applied for separation in Norway. We got separation certificate with effect from 26.09.2016 and after one year we can file for divorce in Norway and the divorce will be granted without any problem. My questions are: 1.) Does any of us require to apply for divorce in India or we can get divorced in India just by getting the divorce certificate from Norway approved in India? 2.) What is the method of getting approved an abroad divorce in India? 3.) Can anyone from my husband's family (he himself or any of his family members - none of them holds an Indian citizenship) file any kind of case (deceiving, threatening etc.) against me in an Indian court of law to torture me and/or to delay the divorce proceedings in Norway or in India?