Fir u/s 409 & 420

I am working as credit support officer in state bank of india, credit support officer supposed to handle the advances/loan portfolio loan sanctioned above 1 crore. after the transfer of a field officer (who supposed to handle the advances below 1 crore) but after the transfer of our field officer, i was orally ordered to handle that desk also in addition to my desk. both the desk are very heavy in work. my father and my wife both are business persons handles business whose loans are running with my branch. as a routine matter i had send the subsidy claims of them to kvic(khadi village and industries commission) under my signature. the subsidy disbursing authority kvic has not taken any objection and release the subsidy amount in both the account. now bank has launched an fir against me stating that i have misused my position and sent the claim to kvic u/s 409 & 420. and said that the chief manager should sign the claim form not you. my chief manager has never signed any subsidy claims. these are not first two claims signed by me. there are a lot more subsidy claims are signed by me for which subsidy also received at branch and that time there was no objection taken by bank. now when it is the issue of my family members, they are blaiming me like anything. they have suspended me from my bank service and launched fir also. there were personal issues with my branch manager. most thing i want to focus is... after the incident bank forced my father and wife to repay the subsidy amount but my father denied to refund it. there were fixed deposit in my father's unit name so bank break that fixed deposit without our consent and paid the amount return to kvic. there is no financial loss to the bank or kvic. the full amount is already paid to kvic by bank and bank loan is also closed by the borrowers. sir i want to ask some questions about it.. 1. is there any sense for doing fir by my branch against me? 2.can bank break the fixed deposit which is in borrower's units name without permission? 3.when the subsidy was returned to kvic , there is no loss to bank, why they suspended me? 4. the amount of subsidy was received in february 2016 and the bank has filed fir against me in sep 2016... is it legal? 5.the procedure of subsidy at branch was done by more than 3 officers in the bank... is it true that fir can be filed against me only as my father and wife are involved?? sir please help me out. should i go for anticipatory bail??