Verbal Notice of Vacating property

I am a tenant at Bangalore Karnataka. My lease agreement expired on the 8th of July 2016 and the same hasn't been renewed thereafter. However, I am still staying at the rented apartment. I wanted to move out of the apartment and hence along with my flatmates, I gave a verbal notice of vacating the property to the Landlord on the 30th September, 2016 stating that I will vacate the property latest by mid of October or 1st of November 2016. On the 5th of October when I intimated my landlord about vacating the property, he refused to acknowledge the same stating that there was no notice in writing about the intention to vacate. Hence, I sent him a written notice intimating my intention to vacate and asked him to adjust the rent till 5th November from my security deposit. The Landlord is adamant that he will take the rent for the whole of November as according to him I should have given a notice on the 1st of the October itself. The Agreement does not talk about a specific mode of notice. It only says one calendar month's notice. Kindly help