Husbnd torture

I got married March 2016 ly, now I m in foreign. He told lie to marry mehe s not drink nd spoke, but he s drinker when I came here aft ly I knw tht, but when he l go he ask permission weekly once he drank aft some time week day he drank in home I asked him he beat me aft prob sloved I try t Chang him but when he thk want to drink but I don't tel any thk fr tht aft he spoked nd combine in evening tht time smell l com I ask him but he said no no I said no it's true ur telling lie aft he beat me how u knw u saw tht. 15 r 10 min he try t beat me more more in my head nd neck, he put his hand in my neck try t kill me, yesterday also I beat lot nd he beat me in slipper also but only one time finally I also beat in slipper y urdp in like this but it's finally I wil ask anythk to him t ur sayin lie mean he l beat me more , he s afraid man but when he s afraid that time he s speak loudly nd scold nd beat me that s his prob I won't ask any thk he said y ur speak just stop, aft engagement he dint speak properly just he spok 5 r 10 min monthly one time ly he speak one hour, y he dint spk mean he speak fully i can knw abt his character so he dint speak. He said we speak now aft marriage we don't have words t spk but aft marriag he dint spk aft marriag he spk abt magha bharatham r some other thk but he spk his family members nd fnds but he s not spk properly t me but beloved me more but aft marriage he spend more money fr house rent current bill water bill so he feel it he said u don't knw anythk nd I spend more money in marriag but ur not tht much worth he said nd he said Bef marriage I got one mail abt u wrongly nu I asked him u got Bef mean y u dint stop he said I don't want tht matter so nu again he said I l tel abt tht u feel it , now he changed job some prob in company aft 3momthly he l get salary so he s tens Bef nd now he s doin over nd he cal one girl in home she l cm t hom in evenin aft 11pm ly my hubby l drop t hom , he said she l com mean u l comfortable Na nu we l got mean k but home wt necessary fr tht nu, but Appa kuda I dint tel anythk I said k no prob t com tht girl here but one day I said without me u don't go with her alone he asked me y I said al l spk wrongly nu he angry on me thn my mother in law nd sister in law created prob thy told my mum ly said girl ku hubby ku some thg nu but my hubby don't tel anythk but my hubby dint hear my words I said Na santhegama pada la nu but in Amma sonngangala nu he said now he forgot tht but he have some prob I don't knw but he s money minded nd I l ask anythk t just I say anythk r spk thimiru unaku he s say lik tht, I need t stay with him but what she'll I do, I told him u l beat me I l complain polic but he dint hear my words he thk I won't do tht nu. Suppose anythk prob more mean what can I do nd how t complaint t station t just warn t him