Got cheated by husband

I did a love marriage. Our marriage is not registered. My husband said that he'll protect my jewels and took all the 90 sovereign from me. He also got a loan of 8 lakh by pledging my house document. Once he said that he's going to repay loan and hence he need my mom's sign for that. She's not well educated and my husband purposely avoided me during this. On that day he got loan of 30 lakh without our knowledge. When we came to know this we gave 30 lakh from our savings and borrowed some money from relatives. He took everything from us, when my mom refuse to give he used to beat me. This way he took our things. Now, after 2 years I came to know that he's having another family with child. He and his parents purposely hidden this. Now, I want all my things back and don't want to live with this cheater. I have a recording in which he says he'll give my things back. He threatens me that he will kill us if we go and give complaint. Also he says that he will tell to everyone that I've had illegal affair. Am totally confused what to do. Where can I file a complaint against him? Is there any ngo that support me in this case? Is it possible to get justice from my side?