Property Registration

Dear Sir, 1. My grand father has 4 sons and 4 daughters. 2. At his 50th age, In 1960's he has write a will stating, the house is only for his Sons and not for his daughters. (Grandfather was passed away in 1991 and grandmother passwed away in 2001) 3. According to the will, If any among 4 son is willing to relocate, is free move out of the house by receiving 10K as settlement 4. Among 4 Sons of my grandfather, all mutually decides to give the house to the youngest Son. this is only a oral and mutual agreement. 5. The youngest son has passed away before 5 years. the deceased Son has a surviving Wife (Widow) and a elder Son and Daughter Clarification: 1. If the property (House) to be transferred to the Son of the deceased son, what is the procedure and who all are the members to sign during the registration 2. If the property is to be registered to one of the surviving son of my grandfather what is the procedure and who all will have to sign the registration Request your assistance in the matter.