Dowry demand and life threat

Hello...i m 28 yrs old and married for two husband was a divorcee and I didn't know this at time of marriage..i came to know this after few inlaws are v cruel..well they keep threatening to kill me if I don't get the required dowry..they hit me..abuse me..when I was on job they took all my salary...nd eventually they made me leave it..i was three months pregnant and they tortured me like anything nd I lost d baby..i had a miscarriage...his father is a lawyer..he knows all the legal things..he says if u ever try to utter a word about us to police or smone we will kill u..they hv kept a gun...nd if u file a case ..we r the lawyers we wont leave mother in law and father in law keep saying we will marry our son for third time n we will prove in court that u r court can do anything in that regard...they even keep me encoraging me for suicide...what do I do...i hv no knowledge about legal procedures..plz help n tell me what can I do...where can I register the complaint..I hv no idea about all these things..plz help.