Driver service providing company is not doing refund

In the month of August 2016 we have signed up for a contract with driver service provider company. They promised to provide driver with in 2 days and also provide promised to provide good customer support. But after taking deposit amount of Rs.15000/- they did not turned back and no calls and no reply to our emails. We waited for 10 days and sent a mail for canceling the agreement. They have replied for this mail saying that they will do refund only after 30 days as mentioned in the agreement. As per the agreement they have not provided the service but for doing refund i need to wait for 30days. After waiting for 30days again they are not picking my calls and no reply to emails. I personally went to there office and requested them to do the refund. They have collected bank account details to do the online transfer. Also they said as per the agreement they have to deduct service charge of Rs.5000/- and 15% tax and rest will do the refund. But why? When they are not able to provide any driver/service why I need to pay service charges? Is it because I was in contract for 10days? Please help me what should i do not. How can i get the full deposit amount back? Thank you Murali