Cancelling of bogus patta arising from bogus layout.

A was given Power of Attorney by B over a parcel of land in about 1980. It was Agency coupled with Interest. Subsequently, B, by filing false documents got a bogus approval from the MMDA and began selling the land as plots. A moved the court and got an interim order restraining B from indulging in such activity. The case was decided in A's favor. An appeal and again another in higher courts were also decided in A;s favor. The issue now is how to discourage claimants who purportedly purchased plots from B based on an MMDA approval which was itself based on false documents. Some of B's buyers have even acquired Patta's based on their false documents. In such a situation when A's buyer has applied for Patta the Tahsildar's office is not immediately or reasonably responding to the veracity of the three court judgements Moreover B has marked an area in the false MMDA plan approval as a public park site which is giving cause for the locals (B's buyers) to raise a claim. How to invalidate the Patta of B's buyers. How to reject the claim of a public park site. How to cancel the false MMDA Approval. What is the legal and authoritative recourse for A's Buyer, who has purchased plots of land even before the false approval and the issuance of false layout plan by MMDA, to cancel such false prevailing patta and to reject the prevalence of claims over the land as public park site. And finally cancel the bogus MMDA approval itself, which is causing unwanted problems. The land has been in the possession of A's buyer unhindered for 35 years now