School is not providing Transfer Certificate and asking money.

My name is preji dhillon. i am from shillong(meghalaya) currently working in jaipur as a hotelier. last year i brought my younger brother in the month july to study class 11th in jaipur. he passed out 10 standard from shillong itself. so i admitted him in st.wilfred school. we were paying the fees regularly and we paid till december. due to some health problem i had to send my brother back to shillong. he did not attended any class after 31st december. all fees were cleared. i admitted my brother in class 11th again because he leaved the academic in between.i admitted him in the same school where he had studied before coming to jaipur. now the school is asking for transfer certificate from me. so i approached to principal for taking that. they said that they won't issue the tc until i pay the rest of the fees. i said "sir i have given the fees till december and he did not even completed his class 11 here. he leaved in between. at least just issue me the 10th certificate which i submitted when he took admission here." he said " no you have to pay the last installment from january to march which is 7500rs." What shall i do ? i cannot pay them fees because that year was just a waste he didn't even completed the class. he left in middle of the academic year. and on the top of that i'm just asking them tc for the class 10 which i submitted when my brother took admission there. Please help. i am helpless. i don't know how to get it.