Property related query

My Father in law made a will in my favour on 19th Jan 2007 and got it notarised and the next he expired. My brother in law who resides in Canada and is Canadian citizen produced another will registered in Amritsar in 2001. Both of us filed for probate in different courts in Tis Hazari Court. He took his share from his father to settle down in Canada in the year 1986.All his expenses and his family consisting of wife and two children were borne by Father in law. He never came to India for about 10 yrs as he had filed for citizenship under refugee quota stating that he had threat to his life and he never looked after his parents. He never even sponsored his parents to visit Canada My husband died in Jan 1998 then also he never came to India. And when he came he broke open my locks and I had to call the police and the matter was settled and a compromise letter was signed by him and me and some other witnesses. My father in law was very angry with him for it. He stopped talking to him. that was in dec 1998. How come he executed a will in his favour in 2001 and that also in Amritsar My mother in law died in April 2001 then also he came three days after her funeral My father in law never went to Amritsar to execute the said will and it was prepared in a fraudulent manner in collusion with the witnesses and some relatives. The case was filed by me on 3rd Feb 2007 The cases proceeded in the court and the order was passed in his favour and my case was dismissed on the grounds that : 1 the will was notarised on 19th and the testator expired on 20th 2 one of the attesting witness is my real sister 3 why was I in a hurry to file the case in the court and didn't wait for his last rites. Now I would like to know are these the valid points as 1 No one in this world can predict when a person is going to die 2 My sister is a doctor and he used to consult her whenever he was not well she was sort of our family doctor and thirdly my bro in law didn't attend his funeral and came on 23rd and on 24th all rasam pagri and kriya was done on that very day. It seems very weird to me as how the learned judge could pass such order without going through the facts. I fail to understand what went wrong and where. Just the thing that comes to my mind is the latest case of Justice Rachna Lakhanpal Please help me and guide me what should I do