Problem with wife

Sir, i have been married 2 years back. after marriage i was staying in father-in law home around 3 months. after one month from my marriage i observed that she is not having love on me and then show some negligence to me but at that time i couldn't recognize since i love her . after 3 months we kept separate family. i took rented house and we both(me and my wife) only staying in that home. after 2 days she started quarreling with me and then abuse me and my parents who are staying in my village. she was behaving abnormally . she used to abuse me and then threatening me by harass herself . in span of 30 to 45 days she harass herself more than 4 times . two times she jumped from 1st floor but luckily i hold her from back . one day she did hang in bed room also. she used to insult me by non parliamentary words. after 45 days i informed her parents and my parents . her parents shouted at me . they also abused me. then i took decision to go to my own village . due to my worst past i came to stay in my village along with my parents. we stayed in my home village . during staying in my village she used to insult me by different words. but due to respect for marriage and our culture i never save any record and anything against her. one in my village she jumped from my building bury luckily my sister in-law cached her from back side. after few months she became pregnant . she never do any house hold works . because of her behavior my health also got damaged. i got vertigo problem . she told me that she didnt like before marriage but due to her parents she agreed to marriage with me because im government employee . she completed msc. now im suffering mental tension and my parents also suffering . my mother health got damaged. 9 months back we blessed with baby boy . i gone to her parents home to see my son. she and her parents manhandled me and then push me out. she didnt agree to come my home now . few times she manhandled me and then acting as im slapping her. so that i felt a lot of pain. i dont want to live with her anymore but i dont know what to do further. one thing is very clear i cant stay with her anymore so pls give proper advise what to do