Tenant and landlord dispute

Im from Nagaland, and I came to hyderabad in 2014 to study B TECH(Mechanical) . Ever since Ive been in hyderabad I've been living in rented house because there are so hostels near my college. unfortuantely there was a dispute with my former landlord. He ceased my luggage and refuse to return it because I Refused to pay him the expense money for painting his house while were on vacation. when I returned from my vacation, He he directly showed me the expenses written pathetically in a paper with a pen .with no vouchers or cash memos for proofs (note; all rent dues has been cleared) He is asking money only for painting his house . As a result I lost two scholarship because there were insufficient documents, because all my educational and life documents is with held by the landlord and refuses to release it until I give the money. and since Im 2500 km away from home with no source of income ,I find it impossible to pay for his expenses. Im desperate and in a dire situation and its affecting my carrer big time. I NEED HELP