My Friends committed a robbery without my concern

My Friends committed a robbery by beating a center owner.i am with them without knowing what's going on .one of my friend beaten the owner an other three two members collected the things from the two ladies and one teenage boy and I am having a conversation with the owner nicely and asking sorry for the incident and they threaten the lady for ATM card and pin an took a more from her account.i requested to my friends and returned the ATM.card and mobile phone to on madam and teenage after that I had a conversation nicely with two ladies and one teenage boy and with a owner by asking sorry and giving an awareness to have a correct authorization for your center and don't drink and have a contact with police station for your support like that and I came back with my first they said to me is we just want to warn the owner just stay behind me nothing else like that but after they done many things.the case was filed against three suspects who robbed by showing a knife like that.what can I do now?will I go and surrender or I will go and talk to that owner or if I submit before judge what punishment will give for me