How the property dividetion should happen?

My parents has two sons and a daughter.All the three child are married.I am into job and I never been in the business which my father and brother used to run. Infact I have my marriage with my own expenses since my parents are getting old.We have a 5 years difference in each child.We have sold our own house 3-4 years back and took a flat which is bit far from delhi.We have a taken a house on rent we all were living together then issues started coming up and we both took a separate house on rent I being the younger one living with me father and mother and my elder brother living with his wife and two small kids.After sometime I got married, before my marriage everybody advised that we should go in that house(atleast one of the family) even my brother also said the samething. Since my brother childrens were studing in the school he doesn't want to interrupt their educations so I has shifted to the flat which we bought 3-4 years ago with my parents and now with my wife. I have supported my family like anything the day I am earning in my job.We have a loan of 20 lacs which we were paying jointly after my marriage my father doesn't go to shop/factory.My father insisted my brother to give atleast a share from the shop or some money monthly but my brother denied that he don't have.Now I am paying my father share of EMI+interest and plus my own EMI+ interest plus having responsibility of both my parents(which I am very happily doing).Our flat is on the name of my brother, mother and on myself.My brother wants a share in the property which has the right but my question is that whether the property should be equally divided and my brother should get the exact the third portion from the property.As I will only get the share from the house and my father will also not getting any share from the shop.If will give the share my brother will get the shop and plus the money (property share) which will be interest free and I will get the flat + Loan EMI liability (father's and my both) + the liability of paying share to my brother.I understand it is very complicated case but request you to please suggest.