Property gifted by me to be revoked

Dad retired in 1981. His benefits were not enough to buy a house. So, I applied for a loan in Feb 1981. It was solely in my name till 2015. In May 1981, I got married. My dad promised to pay all the instalments but he did not pay me the loan instalments from Feb 1981 to May 1981 and from 1991 till the loan account was closed.My parents got me married to a man whose first wife was dead. This was hid from me. Differences cropped up between my husband and me as he was having an affair with his colleague. I did not go to office from 1992 for atleast for 3 yrs for which I was punished by the bank with a reduction of 4 increments for going on loss of pay till Jan 1995. This punishment was awarded in Jan 1995. Later, I did attend office for a few months. The Church elders asked me to separate from my husband. So, along with my 2 children, I came to Bangalore in Feb 1996 and resumed my duties. Did not take any maintenance from my husband. Fearing that I would claim the property back, my Dad never thought of my fatherless children and me being a single parent and without any bank balance, Dad sent a declaration in August 1996. I don't remember that I was asked to sign and my sister's husband got it notarized in Bangalore. My parents were old and never gave a thought as to how I would set a home with salary of hardly Rs.6000, look into my children's education and other needs. I was never even for once offered any financial support from my parents nor my siblings. In Bangalore, I was not given any yearly increments as departmental enquiry was pending for going on loss of pay from Mar 1995 to Jan1996. I did attend office for 3 months or so in between. In 2000, being a bank employee, I applied for a second loan. This was denied as the Bank's policy was not to give 2nd loan if the first was closed. In frustration, not getting yearly increments, with the departmental enquiry due, 4 increments reduced as a punishment for loss of pay from 1992 - Feb 1995 and with the 2nd home loan rejected... I opted for VRS in 2001. I had asked my brother in Feb 1998, to lend Rs.5000 as I would not be getting much in hand due to tax deduction, which in those days were deducted in Feb and in Mar just before the financial year ended. He never sent any money, but shamelessly continued to stay with his family with my parents in the house bought by me availing loan. With the retirement benefits, I got in 2001, I bought a small house and looked into my children's education. In Jan 2012 , my mother asked me to gift the house to her for my dad expired in Dec 1999. I, immediately agreed and told her to send the papers. After a few minutes, she calls me again and tells me, my brother's name is also included in the gift deed. To this I disagreed. From Jan 2012 till July 2015, continued weeping, accusing, blaming for my mother's ill health, calls everyday from Bombay to come and sign the gift deed, forced me to go Bombay and gift the property to my mother and my brother.This was against my will for my brother's name to be added. He stayed with his family free with my parents without paying rent or shifting away from my parents. Now, I want half of the market value of the house as it was in my sole name from 1981-2015. Because of that house, my 2nd home loan was rejected. I had to throw my bank job in order to provide a home for my children and look into their education. My brother has retired from a top position in ONGC. He got a huge amount as benefits with which he bought another house in Bangalore. He was also gifted a house in Vizag, by his in-laws. His eldest son is working. His wife is an ex government employee drawing a handsome pension and my brother himself must be drawing pension close to a lakh or even more. My mother has not been staying with him for nearly 2 decades. She went to Mumbai in July 2015 just for the registration and left for Hyderabad immediately after the registration. Is there any way I can recall the gift deed or get half of the value of the property as I have exhausted all my benefits. My pension is not enough.