I got conviction in 498A Sec4, Need help.

I got conviction in 498A (based on medical certificate created by my wife - as she was threatening always), Court ordered on 3 grounds; 1. Marriage took place on 20th Aug 2008. at the time of marriage 5 lakhs dowry and gold chain and ring is given. Wife (PW1) said she is been demanded additional 2 lakhs dowry and a 4 wheeler. 2. 18th Oct 2008, an dispute arrised between her mother in law & father in law in relation to food. which altered and she is been slaped by her husband due to which sustained bleading from nose. and her mother in law draged her inside the house due to which she hit her head to wall and sustained 3X3 cm cut on her left ibrow. 3. An counseling took place by her aunt regarding dowry demand which did not helped in resolution. TO SAY ON 1ST POINT: Exchange of dowry not taken place, No evidence produced by wife side hence Sec 3 removed by court. Only wife said that we demanded additional dowry and the same is pronounced by her father and Aunty. TO SAY ON 2ND POINT: Wife herself says, dispute on 18.102008 was regarding serving food between her mother in law & father in law. At the time of dispute she asked her mother in law a glass of water which her mother in law denied. Wife also says that she has said "your husband" to her mother in law and for which her mother in law got angry. After that wife went to upstairs and i (husband) went behind to talk to her. At that time her sister in law came for which she (wife) objected and said i will only speak to my husband. Upon that say, i (husband) slapped her on face and she sustained injury and also kicked her. She (wife) also says that her brother in law (my brother) slapped me (husband) for raising hand on her. Min while her mother in law came and beated her and draged her down inside the house and all of us beated her by closing the doors. She says her mother in law cut her hands. She has produced medical certificate. But doctor says about injury on eye & bleading from nose. Did not say about cuts on hand as he is only ENT doctor. More over the MLC filed but police has not taken any action on MLC and does not know about this. TO SAY ON 3RD POINT: Her aunty says nothing about dowry demanded. She says while talking mother in law told " her conduct is not good". My questions regarding the case: 1. How can i prove that she is doing this to reside with her parents along with me, without any relation her in law family. 2. can i go for appeal in High court? (i stay in Andhra Pradesh) 3. What is the chance of acquittal in next court. 4. Should i file divorce now. Looking truly for guidance. Pl help in saving my family Please.