We have a ancestral property since 125 years , local executive officers have been trying to put us in trouble since long time , we are real land owners all full proof documents are favouring us regarding the ownership of land . There is a very small temple built on our land which we are maintaining properly since long time and gwalior state revenue board also free us from submiting any tax (in documents it is stated as ????) because we are maintaining our own temple on our own land. But here local executive body trying to prove us ?????? of that temple and regarding this local office holders maked some unlawful changes in the government record because of there dishonest intentions and mentioned our name as ?????? of temple when it came to our knowledge we filed suit for correcting the document , we won case in SDO court it was ordered that we are real owner and not the ?????? ,after this some peoples of dishonest intention maked complaint to collector and then collector unfavour us on some point we appealed to commissionar there he also consider most of our points true and in our favour but due to some points he unfavoured us then we appealed to GWALIOR STATE REVENUE BOARD they found our points true and declared us real owner of our land and we won the case they declare whole points in our favour. ( THIS WHOLE PROCESS i.e. FROM SDO TO GWALIOR STATE REVENUE BOARD TAKES 16 YEARS LONG TIME ) . AND AFTER THAT 31 YEARS HAVE PASSED OF THAT DECISION IN WHICH GWALIOR STATE FAVOURED US AND DECLARED US REAL OWNER. But since 4-5 years some corrupt officers i.e. patwari , tehsildar and many other peoples who are ??-?????? again trying to put us in trouble and again trying to engage us in a court case so before 3 years they went to high court but HC rejected there application to file suit , then now we are hearing that they moved to Supreme court to file case. We are just tired of this court proceeding so please advice us what we do next if SC accept case because we know we will be engaged for long time in court procedding even we are in no fault and whole document favours us . Please advice us that are there any chances that SC accept the case even after 31 years have passed after Gwalior state decicion in our favour and after it was rejected by HC to admit the case.