Dear sir, I have married with a South Indian girl in 2006,I have a 5year old baby,but due to a financial loss in business i have shifted myself in Delhi things was ok till that time, ,Same time she went to her brother house in Bangalore 2013,after slowly she started avoiding my calls n follows watelse her family or brother said to her,once I face legal issues,she stopped talking to me even-tough she never allowed me to talk my daughter ,in this 3year our relationships become hazard,nothing left all gone,after long discussion I tried all the way to convince her but all in vein,finally we decided to get separated she also said she want divorce,but after several request she didn't allow me to talk my daughter we have have no communication since 3year except mails,after several request till today she didn't file divorce,she will only said I want divorce but didn't implement staying together is like sucide as much relationship has spoiled ,I hve to start my carrier as well new life,even want rights on my daughter peacefully,plz do suggest,will be obliged for this path.