Distribution of Property without will.

A Christian Father has Died without writing will, and his property needs to be distributed among three brothers and one sister. Two brothers and Sister would like to Distribute the property into 4 equal share after mothers Death but one youngest brother would like to share the property into five shares and give to mother as well. He has filed this in the court and every time the brother who wants to split up into 5 shares gets Vaida(I don't know this term in English) means to come next time and give lame excuses. the Mother is mentally not well and doesn't remember anything, the youngest brother has been enjoying the benefits of the pension for 15 years. The property is a house which is constructed on 1800Sqft ground constructed area is 800Sq.ft and its located in vellore, the youngest brother has filed this case in Vellore court. Almost 1 and half years he is simply getting this Vaida and extending this matter and every week we have to go from chennai to Vellore and suffering a lot of travel expenses and our health is being impacted due to this. The youngest brother who is alone wants the distribution only to be made in court so that he can acquire two shares, one of his and other which belongs to mother. He is not ready to sit personally and make peaces with the rest of two brothers and sister. 1) Can this distribution be settled in a better way? 2) Can this case be transferred to Chennai from Vellore? Our lawyers says it can't be transferred, Please provide your suggestions to [deleted]