21+ female, issues with family , can I get independent

Sir/Madam, I am a 21 year old hindu female, citizen of india. I have severe issues with my family. My father left us when I was very young and didn't return for 10 years and then my mother married another man and I don't like him. Because of these reasons I lost connection with my mom although we stay under the same roof. I try being nice to him as far as possible and he is a nice man in general but he being around mentally disturbs me and they verbally torture me telling unethical things. Yesterday my step dad told my mom to send me away from home because I'm dangerous and my mom gave an answer by telling them she's born to me I've to bear with her. I was physically abused my my mom for many years and have no issues with it. Yesterday and a few days back my step dad hit me too because of few reasons I am going to mention below., and its not the 1st time. 1) I didn't inform them things as soon as they happened like I had injuries minor ones from falling off a vehicle. 2) my house has rules to follow like no calls after 9 and I chat with people after 9 one or two close friends. 3) I had a boyfriend and we brokeup and I sent him text pleading him for a sorry and they caught my texts and call me characterless women because I am going behind a guy even when he is ignoring me but its just our personal relationship issue. They force me to listen to everything they say. Basically my step dad is very verbally abusive towards me and abuses me by telling my mom your daughter is a bitch and shameless and stuff like that making my mom feel sad and make her feel its because of me. And I have to shut my mouth and have no freedom of speech because I can't see my mom face a torture because of me as she had enough in her life. If I talk to someone for 10 mins on phone I should let them know word to word what I spoke and they have a check on everything I do as I'm financially dependent on them. I can't stay with them as its affecting me mentally and I'm an a mbbs student and I wanna be good with my studies. Is it possible to take legal rights of separation from family and live independently. I don't wanna file a case but just want to have a more peaceful and independent life. They don't know me right and most important is they're ignorant about it. I tried talking to them several times for years to explain why I feel like this and why I lie to them when the rest of the world knows the truth. Except my family everyone around me know what I do and what I am and I'm highly respected for my open nature and broadmindedness. Please let me know if I can take rights of separation from family. And I want to get financially independent also as I'm dependent on them at present but while taking separation I want to be financially independent too.