Minors property rights after 3 years of attaining majority

We live a sad world with disgusting people. I have a few doubts and I was hoping that I would get some details to clear it. In 2005 ( I was a minor in 2005 ), my so called family sat together and discussed that the ancestral property ( belonging to my deceased grandfather ) would be transferred to my grandmothers name. It was an oral discussion. Grandmother lives in the village with one of her sons. The other sons live in the cities. So my father and his brothers signed the general power of attorney and other docs without reading it since they blindly trusted the head of the family ( grandmother ). But only now we realised that my grandmother has transferred all the property to her son living with her since she wants the property with her favorite son. In the gp, we were shocked to see that the property has been transferred to the village son from my grandmother to which all brothers have signed. I agree it was a foolish mistake to sign without reading but no one in the world would guess a mother to be a fraud. The thing is that I was a minor at that time. I turned 18 in 2008 and unfortunately we realised the fraud committed only now. Somewhere I read that a minor can file for his rights within 3 years of attaining majority and unfortunately it is 2016 now and more than 3 yrs have been passed. Can anything be done ?