Is this point of view correct to get attention of the hon judge?

Sir,.....simply granfater purchased a land in the name of my grandmother in 1953...and my father builted a house in 1987 in the above land (permission from town developement authority is available with my father) the same year, my grandfaaa after many years in 2003 my grandmother gave power of attorney to my Uncle (father's big brother) and filed a suit in the court that that land was the property of her and my father had to leave..she is not willing to give this land to my my uncle on behalf of my granmaa filed a suit against my father mother and the district court we lost the case as the lawyers pointed that as my father builted the house in 1987 so he had to leave.........but in gauhati high court, our lawyers pointed that "Wheater the suit was purchased my grandmother or not , From where she got the land, does she have any document of her ownership of this land" and the judge accpted the case and stayed the decision of the district judge...So i need to know wheater this point is enough to get attention of the judge....if anything else is required then please tell me sir