Need of NOC for child,

To Respected Advocates. My question is divided in some parts but all have nexus with each other. 1) I am taking divorce from my husband, because I am tired of mentally torture by him, i have 2 options either to go mutual or in court. 2) But I know my husband will not, sign the mutual agreement, he may sign 2 times but not at the final time. So first question, is he required to sign the agreement all the time in the court, what if he not sign third time means final time, or rejects to sign,will I still able to get divorce. 3) He wants to torture me after marriage too, so he is making a clause in mutual agreement that I will not re marriage again, I know this is void, he can't stop me in doing so, so he is planning to not to give NOC for my child(who is minor), is his NOC must required for my remarriage. 4) How can i prove in court that he is not good father, when all the fees of child are paid by me, even all medical bills are paid by me, he even not take my child to doctor for treatment. 5) My child hates him, because he used to shout on him earlier, will then court can cancel NOC requirement. 6) If i prove he torture me mentally, which is crime, is still NOC require. 7) Last, what if I remarriage without NOC is this crime, if my child use my surname not my husband surname, will it be crime. Sir, please help me, i am very disturb, why law is doing injustice to me, a women who tortured by her husband, by this provision.