property issue

From last 5years a case going on for property problem within my family members that means my dad, my dad's sister and his brother. Before death my grandpa wrote a will that those properties which are earn by myself that all are belongs to my elder son. He himself registered that will in register office. He also mentioned in that will That I settled everything to my daughter while on her marriage. For my younger son I settled him some lands for his own. Now younger son not with good habits and he is not good with I didn't give him any property. Then my family members means my dad's sister and his brother did a case with my dad. They were tortured us. He also put against them a case. Now that case going on. But still now it doesn't come running. But it going by vaidha and vaidha on Madurai. But that case come slightly favour to our side. That our against party knows they can't do anything in it. But they give fake complains in local police station like me, my dad, my brother all get beat them. They tell them that they were suffered by us a lot. They give a fake complaints like that. But we didn't. But in police station they didn't care about them. So they did a another case for this in court and take the order then they went to station for remand us. Now the police did a FIR on us coz of court order. What should I do for that. ! Let me help how to get off from this.