Dispute with Landlord and evicting us

I'm living in a 3 floor building (G+3). let me call ourselves as tenant A and Mrs. X as tenant B. We and X had a water dispute for some reasons. Mrs X complained to the landlord and up on we had a discussions & arguments. The landlord openly stated Mrs X is our relatives and close to us. The landlord supported Mrs X. We didn't accepted the comments of Mrs X and none was compromised. At the end, the landlord said to us to vacate in 2 or 3 months. Then we demanded as the resolution should be evicting both of us or none. But landlord is claiming as that they are going to occupy it and so they want us to evict us ASAP. Now my question is what kind of legal action take on landlord and Mrs X. We are up to mark in rent payments. I googled before posting here, supreme Court told tenant should not be evicted if paying correctly unless landlord is going to occupy it. Do we have a scope of filing a sue on landlord as we are treated in unfair manner. Besides, we have a suspect that the building we are staying is illegal construction because G+3 was constructed in 88 square yards. Can we take action in this aspect. I would like to know the cost occurs in each of these case. This is my first ask in kanoon and thanks in advance.