House owner is not allowing my guest to come to my rented house

Rental agreement on 15th Nov 2014 for 11 months. On Nov 2015 agreement extended for another 11 months with 5% rent increase. I'm a tenant in Bangalore(Karnataka), along with my wife and mother(65 years of age) staying in 3 BHK rented house. My house Owner is making problems while my guests visits my house. Once my father in law and mother in law visited our house, my house owner made non sense statement for excess water usage. Due to this they are hesitant to visit our house again. It happened my own brother and his family too. In agreement, following statements which directly related to this - 1) As on the date of agreement there shall be THREE persons occupying the premises. No additional member be allowed to reside in the demised premises without the written permission of the owner. 2) The tenant shall use the premises only for residential purpose and shall not use any commercial/unlawful purposes. And shall not sublet/under-lease or part the possession to anybody without consent of the owner. The tenant shall not allow any outsider or Street vendors inside the compound/premises. Still these statements are not talking about guests, but is it enough to control my guests who visits my rented house? Guests are integral part of our life and is constitutional law will support my relationship with my guests or not? Now a days, my owner is locking the water pump electric cabinet and hence we cannot switch ON the water pump. Only owner will operate the water pump. Since our agreement is going to end by this month, he might not willing to extend our agreement. Due to personal reasons, I want to stay in the same house for another 9-10 months. Last month he asked(verbally) me for extra money for maintenance purpose, but as per agreement, maintaince cost also includes in rent. So, I denied his request. I never default paying rent/electricity/water bills till now. 1) Am I legally eligible to continue for another 10 months? 2) If house owner is cutting electricity/water, what needs to do from my end? (a) at agreement time (b) agreement lapsed time Thanks, Ranjan