Can I file complaint case against my wife & inlaws family

Dear Sir, Please find point wise details of my matrimonial life 1. After the marriage I came to know the conduct of my wife was very cruel towards me & my family , for which I requested my inlaws to visit my place & solve the matter but no reaction from their side. 2. With no improvement I wrote a letter to my inlaws & further sent a legal notice but instead of taking proper step they have give cross allegations on me & my family. 3. Resulting I filed Divorce case in act of cruelity 4. Further they file 498A case with Domestic violence case against 6 of my family memebers. 5. Further with no option & lead give a chance to my matrimonial life We compromised as per their dictate & got AB. 5. After 8 months again my wife filed an application for cancellation of bail for all my members and the same was allowed with considering the fact that all other accused members in this case were not in her contact nor living together with her accept me. Apart my father in law is an Advocate. 6. After that we all move to high court for quashing of order with separate application. 7. During this period I blessed with a male child and further considering the wellfare of him we again compromised I took my wife with me and get separate accomodation. 8. Further we filed an application for quashing of 498 A case in high court which was further done by joint IA. But during this period also my wife & my inlaws always wanted to extend the case and they dont wanted to withdraw the case due to this reason only we have filed Quashing application in High Court. 9. After that also the conduct of my wife is still not changed and she continues torture me & abuses my family memebers. 10. Now what to do I dont know, please advice